What is love like?

What is love like?

A question that has been asked way too much,
waiting for an answer that has been thought way too long.
Why does it take so long to respond to that question
when it takes just a second to actually feel love?
I think it is because we are always searching for complicated explanations
to understand the simplest things,
and we often forget that, sometimes,
words are just left over.
I could not describe love or explain to you what it is like.
I already accepted the fact that love is a volatile writer
who hides her manuscripts right after finishing them
because just as she writes the last letter, that writing does not feel like hers anymore.
(Yes, love is a she, I like thinking that way.)
Because love evolves with every word she writes.
And love is always inventing new ways to love you more and better.
Love is unpredictable and fickle.
She can suddenly arise among the tailings of loneliness and sadness,
willing to put your pieces back together.
Love might also find you caught up in your happiness
and she will still astonish you with her glory and brilliance;
you will know she might try to seduce you and tear you apart,
but you will let her do so because that is what love does:
she gives, but she also takes.
And beware! Love does not care wether you are ready or not for her,
love will arrive when she is ready.
Love is going to love you every day.
Love is going to stay by your side every time you need her
or every time she wants.
Sometimes, love will not know how to tell you she loves you,
so she will kiss you instead; and you will think to yourself:
“I also love you, my dear”.
Love will be a mystery, not because she hides anything from you,
but because she will want you to think of her as your greatest discovery.
You will have a happy day with love,
perhaps a month, a year, who knows?
You will not remember love for the time you spent with her.
You will remember her because she gave your past a meaning.
Love will leave one day.
Nothing to worry about. She will come back.
Because once love has been yours,
she can never stop being yours.


Mi cariño

No te pese mi delirio cargado de esperanza,
ni te pese mi abrazo en el espesor de la noche,
porque te quiero envolver entre mis deseos
de querer, siempre, tenerte cerca.

No te asustés de las manías de mi amor
porque son eternas, mas no duraderas
y te regalan sutiles caricias de vientos solemnes,
con besos de sensaciones  extrañas.

No te enojés con esta mi locura sensata
que se alimenta de mi querer y de mis ganas
de nunca pretender soltarte,
de siempre buscar aferrarme.

Que tampoco te espante mi forma de mirarte,
tan directo y de frente, franca
y sin cautela. No muchacho.
No hay miedo al cual temer
mientras nuestras manos se fundan en su encuentro.

Ni escollo que nos alcance en el camino hay,
pues los relieves de tu sonrisa nos elevan
hasta cimas desde donde podemos vislumbrar
ese cariño que nos está alcanzando,
ese amor que nos encadena a la libertad.